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The Story of our Furniture

About Us

We make writing desks and gathering tables from locally sourced trees. We work with a local sawmill that takes down gigantic trees that are dying or just have to go. We pick the best of the best based on grain and shape and abnormalities that make the wood even more interesting. We design the log cuts and finish the pieces, then work with local blacksmiths who make us hand forged legs. Our pieces are meant to be given as gifts for milestone occasions and handed down forever. Each piece has a copper plate for monogramming or a special message. We also carve in initials and dates to mark occasions. This year we are concentrating on Walnut writing desks with live edges and bark kept intact, and 10" to 16" Spruce gathering tables that seat 12 to 20.

Once a quarter we have a pop-up gallery showing in South Kent, Connecticut. Our next showing will be in February and will feature Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Spruce and Red Oak pieces. Use the button below to add yourself to our mailing list and we will send you an invitation in January.