One of a Kind


—  Hand Crafted Furniture —

Made from whole logs sourced from local sawmills



We source local giant fallen trees or trouble trees that have to be taken down. We look for trees with the most interesting grains, burls and edges resulting from lightning strikes, desiccation or growth abnormalities.  Then, limited production of desks and gathering tables are planned from whole logs.  We recently had a 50-year-old apple tree milled and found decades-old nails embedded in the tree that gave it great character.  Look for the apple tree coffee tables first quarter 2019.  We dry our wood naturally over time until it is ready to finish.



We look over logs and plan cuts for the best inevitable function – a shelf, a desk, a farm table or a conference room piece.  We focus on preserving the natural beauty of each unique piece of wood.



And then we finish.  Custom orders are delivered in 4 – 6 weeks. We maintain the most natural appearance of the wood but staining often enhances a piece and we recommend a satin polyurethane finish for heavily used pieces – to resist water stains.


Currently in Production

Long Table.jpg
Long Table 2.jpg

Please visit our workshop and see the 8' and 10' walnut dining tables currently in production.


We have a small operation and work with interior designers on specific projects, but pieces can be ordered online. Email or call 860.946.9665 for more information.  We can provide sample pieces of finished wood and provide quotes on request.

Inquiries welcome from interior designers

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